Venice, FL – FALL 2023 – The Venice Community Orchestra is pleased to share some upcoming holiday music performances to close out our Fall season.

  • Thursday, 11/23 – We will be continuing our 10+ year tradition of performing at the Venice Salvation Army’s Annual Thanksgiving Luncheon, beginning at 12pm.
  • Saturday, 12/2 – We will be performing for the residents, family & friends of Seaside Springs Community Living beginning at 6:30pm.
  • Saturday, 12/16 – And finally, a handful of us will be playing ‘background’ holiday music at West Blaylock Park Gazebo during the VABI Holiday Tree Celebration, entertaining the folks strolling through the park enjoying all the decorated trees and bushes. We expect to begin at ~6:30pm.

If you miss us, we will be back rehearsing in January for our Spring benefit concert. Until then…the members of the Venice Community Orchestra wish you a Joyous & Safe Holiday Season!