For the last couple of weeks we’ve seen friends returning home and temporarily leaving the VCO until next season. On the other hand, we’ve had new members, and friends who’ve been busy with The Boston Pops or the Venice Symphony orchestras rejoining us for the summer. Welcome back to Franz Schneider – Cello, and welcome to Guinevere Childers – Violin and Sam Burns – Violin. We are also thrilled by Karen Tuttle’s participation as Guest Conductor for this summer. We look forward to a great music filled summer.

In the longer term we have a few milestones to meet. With a year experience behind us and following a lot of discussions and deliberations with a few orchestra colleagues I’ve come to the conclusion that in order for the VCO to grow to next level both musically and in size, we need to formalize our “Not for Profit Organization”status. This will be done by filing for a 501c3 status.

This decision is driven by several factors. The most important ones being our desire to find an affordable place to rehearse and perform, a place that we can call “Home”, be able to compensate a Music Director, continue to acquire new music and meet other expenses that arise from time to time. Essentially we need funding to assure the longevity of the VCO. Achieving 501c3 status will enable us to apply for grants from various local organizations to meet our longer-term growth objectives.

Filing for 501c3 while continuing to manage the orchestra business requires work. To this end I am grateful that several members have offered to help. I specially want to recognize Jeanette Himmelfarb and Kristin Bailey who will help us in preparing the necessary Fl. State and IRS papers for filing, and coordinate with Angela the various activities around music selection for rehearsal, program planning and music acquisition while continuing to enjoy making good music.

As always, I welcome any suggestion or answer any question you might have on the above plan.