Click right here for the first 15 minutes of our concert at The Jacaranda Library in Venice, Fl



The Venice Jacaranda Library

February 25, 2012 at 2 pm

Part 1
Air #11 – (Handel)
Cambria – (arr. L.V. Metcalf)
Two Minuets – (Rameau)
Ode To Joy – (Ludwig van Beethoven)
Part 2
Symphonic Miniature – (F. Heilmann)
Plucky Fellow – (F. Metcalf)
Bouree in F  – (Babell)
Simple Gifts – (Shaker Hymn – arr. by Heilmann
Publ. by – Elder Joseph Brakett)
Part 3
Theme and Variations (Metcalf)
Rondeau – (Jean Joseph Mouret)
Keitele – (Kyllonen)
Highlights from “The Sound of Music”
(Rodgers/Hammerstein – arr. Bruce Chase)  
The Venice Jacaranda Library is a treasure-house of knowledge and an asset to the Community.  It is a place of learning and entertainment, a gathering place for culture, literary, artistic and musical, and a good companion for their patrons, regardless of their circumstances.  The same can be said about good music at any time. With the Venice Jacaranda Library as its gathering place, the Venice Community Orchestra comes together to make music and bring joy, entertainment and culture to all members of the Venice Community, players and audience alike. Beginning early this year the Jacaranda Library has been hosting us in the “Meeting Room” right here where we conducted our weekly rehearsals in anticipation of today’s concert. Since our humble beginnings this is the first time we’re performing in front of an audience in a public venue. We would like to extend our invitation to all our guests and patrons of the library to drop by during our open-door rehearsals on any Saturday morning and enjoy some casual music making.
The Venice Community Orchestra is open to musicians of all levels, without audition.