It is now official! Our new and budding orchestra has adopted the name “The Venice Community Orchestra” of the Good Shepherd Church. We started our project in early May 2011 with a couple of announcements in the local newspapers a webpage on the Good Shepherd’s website and emails to local music teachers and other parties with a possible interest in supporting our recruiting efforts. I am thrilled to report that as of today we are 15 musicians including former musicians longing to get back into playing their favorite instrument, current members of the Venice Symphony Orchestra and past members wanting to keep playing as well as music students wanting to hone their skills while having fun doing it.

Good Shepherd Church on Center Rd in Venice, Fl have graciously accepted to host us for weekly practice. Most recently, the choir Director volunteered to coach and conduct our young orchestra.

Creating a community orchestra in Venice was just a wish I had while traveling back and forth to Sarasota to play and perform with other amateur musicians; it is real now! We play short pieces of classical and contemporary music. Our current repertoire includes short pieces by Handel, Corelli, Beethoven and Vivaldi.

Our plan is to practice and play throughout the year while trying to keep our seasonal members in the loop as to the various pieces of music we will be introducing during summer time.

Word of mouth has also proven to be critical in attracting local talent and as we grow, I am asking my fellow musicians, friends and friendly contacts to spread the news to help attract talent to the Venice Community Orchestra. Our objective is a complement of 25 musicians. You can rest assured that you’ll be invited to our first official performance before the end of this year.

Thank you for visiting.