I sincerely hope that this is the beginning of a long and positive journey for each member of the orchestra, for our first sponsor Church of the Good Shepherd on Center Rd and for the Venice community.

A lot has happened since I decided, right after my first music camp in Atlanta in April ’11, to go ahead and work on building an orchestra in Venice Fl, yet it seems as if it was yesterday that I started thinking about it. In a year or two I would like to reflect on what the orchestra has accomplished and share it with our musicians and friends who might be interested to know more about us. I know it will be a great story to share!

In the shorter term, this blog will help answer a few simple but important questions that I’m being asked by fellow musicians. Based on my last few weeks’ experience, most of these questions are raised either before a musician decides to join us or within the first couple of weeks of joining us.

As a way of starting the dialogue this blog reflects my personal perspective. I welcome any constructive feedback, reaction or opinion from members of the VCO and other members of the community willing to post them or contact me directly. This will help orient our work with a more balanced perspective.