The beginning of August will mark the third month of our coming together as a young and ambitious orchestra. A lot has happened in a very short time; here is a review of the recent milestones:
  • We are now fifteen accomplished and intermediate level musicians. I am thankful to all for sharing your precious talent and contributing to our weekly practice and play;
  • We are building a repertoire of some nineteen orchestral classical pieces;
  • Seven orchestral pieces have been donated to the orchestra;
  • Our coach/conductor has taken charge and organized our music library;
  • We are learning to play together while having lots of fun doing it!
  • We are planning to play a couple of pieces during a Sunday service in September and a few more during November;
  • Subsets of our musicians wanting to play chamber music are beginning to form; please keep us informed of your progress;
  • Upon deciding to join us, a pianist has donated an electric piano to GS for the enjoyment of all; we are thankful for her donation to GS but most importantly for her talent.

Looking ahead, our objective is to grow our complement to 25 musicians by Q1 2012. We will maintain our recruiting effort and keep updating a few snowbird musicians who have already expressed a strong interest in joining us.

We are starting to create an awareness about our existence and to establish key contacts in the Venice community. With time, thanks to a growing reputation we will be able to attract more talent and share it with our community.

I welcome our musicians and friends’ feedback, ideas and help in continuing to build the VCO.