The difference between “of”, “for” or “at” came to light when we decided to secure ownership of the orchestra’s name by registering it with the Division of Corporations of Florida. Sounds like a trivial question, but it took some reflection before deciding to replace “of” by “at”. Our pause had nothing to do with music, it was all about conveying the correct message.
During a recent casual conversation with Fr. Jon, Rector of Good Shepherd, it became clear that the preposition “of”, may unintentionally convey the impression that the orchestra belongs to GS.  As discussed in earlier posts, the orchestra has indeed a special relationship with GS, but it really belongs to the musicians. 

Next question was: If not “of” what is the most appropriate preposition? “For” was discussed but quickly dismissed as it conveys an exclusive relationship between VCO and GS. Part of our goal is to build relationships with the Venice community and various local entities while maintaining the special relationship we have with GS; but “for” did not reflect that broader intent. 

What about “at” the Good Shepherd? 

We are hosted by GS and we practice our music there, it is our homebase. It seemed perfectly logical to conclude that “at” is the better choice among the three prepositions. It rightly conveys that GS is in fact where you can find us practice weekly in Venice. Hence we became “The Venice Community Orchestra” at the Good Shepherd Church, a minute but important name change that will convey the correct message.