We had an eventful and great practice time today. The two spectators who happened to pass by the main hall and a gentleman who came to inquire about us, grabbed a seat, formed our impromptu audience and enjoyed listening to our music. One might disagree with me, but I draw that conclusion based on the fact that they stayed around for the full 90 minutes! One of them mentioned that she could not understand how we sounded so good just after a few weeks of practice. 

To my friends who say “Who wants to hear an amateur orchestra” I say: Come and check us out on Thursdays, you might even decide to stick around!

The amateur violinist who came to check us out sounded a bit discouraged by what he described as the “great” level of our play. How does one balance attracting amateur musicians of all level without intimidating them by our rising level of play? And that is my question of the day. I don’t have the answer except that I’ll follow-up and encourage him to join.