At the Town Center Mall in Pt Charlotte (1441 Tamiami Trail at intersection of Rt 776) next to the entrance of Ally Gator’s restaurant at 1 pm, Saturday, March 30.

We will bring our instrument ready to go, outside of its case along with the music for Dona Nobis Pacem. No stands are needed, as they will be set up ahead of time. We will wear plain clothes, no uniform.

Our coach’s beginning string students will be playing DNP on open strings. The cellos will drift in and join them for the first 4 measures. Then the violas will drift in and play their part first 4 measures. Then the 3rd violin, then the 2nd and finally the 1st violins, so depending on one’s part we may play the first 4 measures up to 5 times. After all instruments have played the first 4 measures, the chorus comes in for 8 measures then we all finish the song, get up and leave.

We will meet at 1 and start playing at 1:30, all done by 2.