Venice, Florida, February 19, 2015 – Under the direction of Ron Silver, Producer of New Music at New College of Florida in Sarasota, several VCO members will be participating in a recital of Terry Riley’s composition, In C. The performance will take place at 8pm, 3/14 at the Pepsico Arcade on New College of Florida campus.

In C is a musical piece composed by Mr. Riley in 1964 and consists of 53 melodic patterns played in sequence. It is often cited as the first minimalist composition of the time period. The patterns are played consecutively with each performer having the freedom to determine how many times he or she repeats each pattern before moving on to the next. Each pattern can be played in unison or canonically in any alignment with itself or with its neighboring patterns.

“One of the joys of In C is the interaction of the players in polyrhythmic combinations that spontaneously arise between patterns. Some quite fantastic sounds will arise and disintegrate as the group moves through the piece when it is properly played.” Mr. Riley has said.

The VCO members participating in the performance are excited about playing a little outside their “comfort zones”!