Venice, Florida, May 2, 2017 Message from Martin Himmelfarb, Vice Chair Interfaith Outreach and member of the VCO (Violin 2) – Our hard work paid off and not just musically. Despite the fact that many people had already returned north, our April 19, 2017 spring concert raised $2,356, enough to fund 5 months of the free lunch program for the profoundly needy at the Center of Hope. This was a huge success by all accounts and we have been booked in for next April 18 already. Nancy Simmonds (violin 2) told us that the Haley House benefit concert in early April raised $1,600. The level to which our playing raised the spirits of the guests at the Salvation Army and at the Holiday dinner and the folks at the SRQ airport was immeasurable. It was a great season and we look forward to our new season in the fall. Thank you all so very, very much. Our music making shows great purpose.

Here are three YouTube video clips from our concert: